Why does my pond need cleaning?

Generally ponds with fish need a thorough clean every few years to maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

Left to their own devices for too long the balance between plants, filtration and fish leads to a loss of dynamic equilibrium, resulting in an unhealthy - and often unsightly - garden pond.

This is because the build up of organic debris from overgrown plants, leaves and fish waste becomes a toxic combination which results in an unpleasant, oxygen starved, environment for fish, amphibians and other wildlife.

But don't despair!

Our tried and tested cleaning method will soon enable your pond to regain its essential equilibrium and return it to its former glory.

After laying plastic sheeting to protect the working area, some water is pumped into aerated holding tanks in order that any fish and wildlife can be safely looked after during the clean. 

Aquatic plants are also carefully removed and those which are overgrown are trimmed and when necessary divided and re-potted.

And now for the mucky part

Once the rest of the pond water is pumped out the remaining 'sludge'  is either pumped or scooped out by hand and relocated to other areas of the garden that will benefit from its organic fertilising properties.

The pond liner or pre-formed fibreglass shell is then pressure washed to remove debris and the pond refilled and dechlorinated.

Our keyword is 'care'

If required, fish are treated to a tonic bath to help protect them from parasites and then they and the plants are gently returned to the now clean, clear and above all healthy aquatic environment.

Throughout the process every care is taken not to damage surrounding plants and grass and we pride ourselves on leaving the area as spic and span as possible. 

Waterlilies to the rescue!

Here's a before, during and after view of a pond we transformed near Cliffe. This wildlife pond had been left to its own devices for several years and the plants had almost completely taken over. Now it is restored to its former glory.

'We hadn't seen a reflection in our pond for many years,' said a delighted Mr B. 'Now it looks great and I want to thank you both for all your hard work.'

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