April 28th 2016

How sweet is this? Probably the tiniest frog we've ever come across...

April 25th 2016 - feeling a bit flat after a hard day's work!

March 21st 2016

We've just cleaned a delightful garden pond in Rochester with such a lovely waterfall that we couldn't believe it was actually fibreglass and not real rock! Both the pond and waterfall cleaned up brilliantly and will be looking fabulous this summer.

  • It was all a bit mucky...

  • And blanket weed had got the better of the waterfall!

  • A thorough pressure-wash made a huge difference...

  • And the waterfall was restored to its former glory.

March 18th 2016

Well this is a first - a customer from Wigmore was so pleased with our pond clean that he has re-named his two huge Koi Merry and Joy... and here they are!

March 13th 2016

It's starting to feel as if Spring might not be too far away and we're already getting good use out of our marvelous pop-up mobile fish tank which keeps the fish happy and areated while we do the hard work cleaning their ponds!