Planting your pond

Aquatic plants are amongst the most interesting to grow not only for their diversity but for the effect they have on the health of a pond.

By adding the right balance of deep water, free floating plants and oxygenators the growth of algae will be stunted and a shady haven provided for fish.  

Marginal and bog garden plants give fabulous colour and structure which are a pleasure to look at and by including pollinators in the mix you will attract wildlife too.      

As with gardens and courtyards you can give your imagination free rein to create the right look for your pond. Whether it is a cottage-garden feel you want or a sharper, more contemporary style, our range of aquatic plants makes this achievable.

All plants are supplied in good-sized lined baskets, using quality aquatic soil and dressed with washed gravel.

With our extensive knowledge, access to top quality plants and using tried and tested planting techniques, we are happy to devise and deliver a bespoke planting plan that is right for your pond. 

This new pond in Maidstone was installed in June 2016 and we were asked to create a planting plan. We planted it up in mid-July and this is how the pond was looking when we returned in September.

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