Please take a few moments to read the following terms and conditions which you are agreeing to in accepting our quotation.


Terms and Conditions

Waterlilies Pond Care Limited

We are based at The Old School House, High Street, Wrotham, Kent TN15 7AB. Our company registration number is 9614369 and we hold public liability insurance which provides cover up to a value of £2,000,000.

Pond linings

We always treat pond linings with the utmost care but some damage may not be apparent until a pond is empty of water and debris has been removed. If damage is discovered or occurs during cleaning we will attempt to repair it at no extra cost. If, however, the damage is substantial or a new liner is required the cost of replacement and installation is not the responsibility of Waterlilies Pond Care.

Pumps, pipe work and filters   

Over time, pump and filter casings and pipe work can become brittle and sometimes crack or break during maintenance. In the unlikely event of this happening we will do our best to repair the item at no extra cost but Waterlilies Pond Care is not responsible for the cost of replacements or for the cost of replacing electrical or mechanical components which are no longer fit for purpose.


We treat all fish and wildlife with care and respect but in the unlikely event of any fish becoming ill or dying during pond cleaning or maintenance the cost of replacing it / them is not the responsibility of Waterlilies Pond Care.

Duck weed

Please be aware that although we always endeavour to remove all traces of duck weed if your pond does contain some it is likely that it will return in the future.


When cleaning or maintaining your pond all resulting debris, (eg water, sludge and plant matter) will be left on site unless other arrangements have been agreed beforehand.


Payment is due on completion of our work. You can pay by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.