A number of factors need to be taken into account when estimating the cost of cleaning and repairing garden ponds.

How big is the pond? How many fish are there? What type of debris is in it and how much  - dirty water can be pumped out but thick sludge has to be removed by the bucket and overgrown plant roots need to be painstakingly cut out by hand.  Can the debris be disposed of in the garden or will it need to be transported elsewhere?

Considerations such as these mean that we can't give accurate estimates over the phone which is why we offer a free quotation visit within a 25 mile radius of our base.

To give some idea of what you might expect to pay here are photos of a few ponds that we have worked on and what we charged. All prices are liable for VAT.

A  tiny pond in West Kingdown

Cleaning and planting, £100

Large scale removal of the invasive Nuphar Lutea Water Lily from a natural pond in Smarden - £2,000

Medium sized pond near Meopham

Cleaning and planting - £420

Medium sized pond in Chislehurst

Cleaning and plant root removal - £800

Medium sized pond in Sevenoaks

Cleaning, planting and repair work - £780

Small pond in Meopham

Cleaning, planting and adding a rockery and waterfall - £925

Complete renovation of a raised pond in Kemsing

Cleaning, clearing and re-planting  inside and outside the pond and building a waterfall - £1,750