Pond linings

Pond linings, whether they are concrete, fibreglass, plastic or rubberised types of liners will at some point need mending or replacing. 

Most small repairs that we do on pond liners are successful in stopping leaks but when this is no longer possible and the lining has reached the end of its life we can help you choose the best option for your pond.

Before flexible rubberised pond liners were available most ornamental ponds were concrete. Although tough and durable for many years, movement from tree roots and subsidence do cause cracks and subsequent water loss.

Whilst the cracks can be repaired and the pond re-sealed with specialist paint, fibreglassing or lining the cavity with a good quality liner are also worth considering depending on the size, design and existing edging of the pond.

As well as offering an in-house service supplying and fitting pond liners and doing repair work, we use an excellent sub-contractor who specialises in fibreglassing so let us know if you would like us to arrange a quotation.


A damaged concrete pond that was no longer watertight.

Transformed with a new fibreglass lining.

Merry lining a pond cavity with underlay material before it’s overlaid with a new rubberised liner.

Re-lined and re-filled - a very different pond!

The weight of partially filling a pond helps a new liner settle in to place before the edging is added.

Rock edging gives the newly lined pond a natural and sympathetic finish.

Pond equipment

Most ponds have healthier water if it’s circulated and oxygenated. We supply and install a wide range of pond equipment sourced from reputable suppliers and fully guaranteed.

We are happy to give advice on the type and size of filters, pumps and fountains which best suit your pond  and budget and we take care to install equipment in such a way that the pond and its surround looks as natural as possible.

We are not electricians though so there must be a safe electrical supply to the pond area if we are going to install or replace equipment.

Below - a few examples of the wide variety of pond equipment that we supply and install. 

Heron deterrents

There are various methods of deterring herons from your pond and whilst a cover net is an effective one it can diminish being able to see and enjoy your fish.

Our preference for a reasonably unobtrusive heron deterrent is placing slim black steel stakes, which are angled at the top, around the pond and are threaded with three strands of clear fishing line.

Herons wade into the water or target fish from the edge of a pond or river water bank so this method is an effective way of barring the bird’s access if it tries to lean over or go through or under the lines. Whilst we can’t claim it is foolproof against a heron attack, it is a good deterrent which balances being able to see and enjoy your fish and providing protection for them.

A newly fibreglassed ‘figure-of-eight’ shaped pond fitted with heron deterrent stakes.

Clear fishing line means the heron deterrent is relatively unobtrusive.